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Connectivity for the masses.

We believe that connectivity should be as accessible as water and electricity. Our mission is to redefine mobile connectivity through simplicity, flexibility, and quality, ensuring that everyone can access the digital world.

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Powered by Excess Telecom.

Born from the expertise and trusted foundation of Excess Telecom, one of the nation's most renowned ACP and Lifeline providers, we're here to revolutionize how you think about your mobile plan.


Ready to liberate data?

Recognizing data as the new 'gold currency' and advocating for its necessity in modern living—akin to utilities like water and electricity.

Talk Icon-1 Unlimited talk & text

In the United States, Mexico, and Canada

wifi Icon-1 5G & 4G LTE coverage

Nationwide high-speed streaming and browsing

calendar Icon-3 No annual contracts

No activation fees, no contract, complete flexibility


Pre-paid plans starting at $12.


Frequently asked questions.

What if I run out of data? No need to worry! You always have the option to upgrade your plan or top up your data. You can manage your plan and top-ups online.
What if ACP comes back? Should ACP make a return, you'll be presented with the choice to either switch to an exclusive ACP plan or combine it with your Flex Mobile service for enhanced benefits and increased savings.
Do I have to enroll in ACP to use Flex Mobile? Nope! Flex Mobile was designed to offer premium plans at affordable rates for anyone who wants better connectivity without breaking the bank.
Why does my bill say Excess Telecom? Flex Mobile leveraged the existing infrastructure and scale provided by Excess Telecom, which is what allows us to offer premium plans at an incredibly low price.
Can I go month-to-month? Our pre-paid plans are designed for flexibility - you can enroll in one-month pre-paid increments indefinitely starting at $29/mo
Do I need a new phone or SIM? Nope! If you currently have an ACP plan and an Excess Telecom device, you don't even need a new SIM card. All you need to do is subscribe to your prefered Flex Mobile plan, and your account will automatically be updated and activated within 24 hours. You're also welcome to bring a phone that you already own and we'll ship you a brand new Flex Mobile SIM card.