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Premium. Affordable. Wireless.

Discover unbeatable value with Flex Mobile, where plans kick off at a mere $16 a month. Each package includes limitless calls, texts, and access to lightning-fast 5G. Plus, maximize your savings by simply bringing your current phone into the mix.

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  • 01 Simplicity
  • 02 Flexibility
  • 03 Quality
  • 04 Affordability

Wireless your way.

With Flex Mobile, you're in control of your data usage. Choose from three straightforward plans: 5GB, 15GB, or Unlimited. You'll never face overage charges or data cutoffs—even if you use up your data, you'll still stay connected at reduced speeds.

Enjoy plan flexibility.

If your data needs change, Flex Mobile lets you adjust your plan anytime. Increase your data if you find yourself needing more, or scale back to save more if you're using less. Renewal time is the perfect moment to tweak your plan to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Enjoy premium coverage.

Flex Mobile leverages the expansive T-Mobile 5G network, delivering seamless coverage from one coast to the other.

Don't overpay.

Flex Mobile is dedicated to keeping our company lean, focusing only on providing premium data plans and unmatched service at unbelievably low prices.

How do we stack up?

Fun fact: Most people use about 5-6GB of data monthly, meaning many are overpaying under unlimited plans that don't match their needs.

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