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Welcome to Flex Mobile.

Welcome to Flex Mobile, the innovative force propelling the mission to make mobile connectivity accessible, reliable, and affordable for all. Born from the expertise and trusted foundation of Excess Telecom, one of the nation's most renowned ACP and Lifeline providers, we're here to revolutionize how you think about your mobile plan.
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We're no strangers to telco.

With over 2 million customers relying on us for low-cost and no-cost data plans, we are not strangers to the telecommunications industry. Our roots with Excess Telecom have not only shaped our understanding of what truly matters to you but have also paved the way for Flex Mobile to emerge as the next evolution in our journey to bridge the digital divide.
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What defines Flex Mobile?

Flex Mobile stands proud as a key member of the Excess Telecom Family, embodying a shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. But what truly makes us stand out?

Affordable Excellence
Quality connectivity at prices that make sense. Our premium plans are designed to be pocket-friendly without sacrificing service and coverage.
Simple and Transparent
Our operations are streamlined and transparent. We cut through the complexity, offering straightforward plans with no hidden fees.
Online-First Approach
In today’s digital age, convenience is key. Our services are designed to be accessed primarily online, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience from sign-up to support, all without the hassle of pushy salespeople.
Backed by Expertise
With the solid backing of Excess Telecom's infrastructure and framework, we're not just another mobile provider – we're a trusted partner in your digital life.